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Mission-critical needs a different kind of service

Anytime, anywhere service.  Cannot-fail mindset.  End-to-end accountability.

We've built our global EMS platform to support the intensive needs of mission-critical manufacturing. Our services cover the entire product lifecycle, around the world, and around the clock. 


This approach to service has earned us some of the best and longest-lived relationships in our industry, propelling our growth at twice the rate of our peers.

Lasting relationships built on outcomes

Our senior leadership team supports every SP Manufacturing customer firsthand. Our approach of working closely with fewer customers lets us focus on building more meaningful relationships and more successful outcomes behind each customer.

This approach to building relationships through focus and clear outcomes has created some of the longest lasting partnerships in the industry for SP Manufacturing.

Creating successful outcomes

There are no easy ways to build great customer outcomes.  We've built our business patiently by growing long customer relationships, investing in strategic locations, building the right capabilities, deepening experience in our core industries, and wrapping our entire business platform around delivering customer outcomes for the long-term.

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Deep relationships

Our lasting customer relationships have been built through our singular dedication to creating great product outcomes. SP Manufacturing is not a transactional EMS supplier, but a long-term partner for our customers.

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Industry depth

We're focused on a narrow set of industries that need exceptional service:  aerospace, automotive, healthcare & medical, industrials, and semiconductor.  This clear focus allows us to drive superior manufacturing outcomes.


Strategic locations

Headquartered in Singapore with facilities in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Germany, Poland and the USA, we're ready for the future of the technology supply chain as it confronts a more fragmented world while demanding more reliable suppliers.

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The CARES approach

We use a framework of Continuous improvement, Agility, Responsibility, Entrustment, and Support (CARES) to create responsive and agile relationships with our customers.


Right capabilities

Wire harness, PCBA, Box Build, Supply Chain, Design and Engineering. Our global services span the product lifecycle, because we understand that mission criticality demands continuous service.

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mTrac traceability

End-to-end traceability is a foundational practice for mission-critical product EMS.  We've developed our own digital twin software, mTrac, to follow components through the entire manufacturing cycle, ensuring provable transparency in our manufacturing process.

The mTrac system

Our proprietary mTrac system embodies SP Manufacturing's purpose-built approach to mission-critical manufacturing. mTrac implements an advanced digital twin that follows components globally throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring true, provable end-to-end traceability for components we manufacture

Talk to us

How can we tailor a program for you that creates success for your mission-critical products?

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