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About us

Manufacturing for mission-critical industries

SP Manufacturing was founded two decades ago.  We've grown alongside our customers into a global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on mission critical industries:  aerospace, automotive, healthcare & medical, industrials, and semiconductors.

We've been headquartered in Singapore, privately owned, and serving the global technology community since our founding. Our long-term perspective, without quarterly public earnings pressure, has allowed us to invest steadily in our future, and today we have a global EMS platform that is truly built for today's supply chain:

  • Right culture — We understand mission criticality deeply and do what it takes, anywhere and anytime, to create great outcomes and long-term partnership with our customers.

  • Right customers — We've focused on fewer customers but deeper and longer partnerships that have helped us grow twice as fast as our peers, by making our customers successful.

  • Right industries — We're focused on mission-critical industries that benefit from long-term innovation, growth, and relevance to the world.

  • Right locations — We operate in geopolitically strategic locations that reflect the modern supply chain:  Southeast Asia, Europe, USA, and China.

  • Right capabilities — We provide EMS support across products, across the lifecycle, across the world for our customers.  Wire harnesses, box builds and PCBA are the backbone of a body of services that has allowed us to create better products for our customers over decades now.

We look forward to partnering with you to support your business future.

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Can we help build the future of your mission-critical products? 

We look forward to getting to know you and exploring how we can help.

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