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The post-COVID industry is more complex than ever.  We see the innovation frontiers industry must cross, with digital transformation, advanced materials, and sustainability all progressing apace.

But we are also working with customers on rethinking the supply chain to enable not just the innovative future, but also evolving risk strategies that factor in friend-shoring, near-shoring, and outsourcing to meet growing geopolitical and regulatory pressures.

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Why SP Manufacturing?

Aerospace leaders trust SP Manufacturing for mission-critical applications because of our proven capabilities:

  • Our experience — SP Manufacturing already works with aerospace leaders in the USA to deliver next-generation electronics solutions.

  • Our certifications — SP Manufacturing is compliant with global standards for aerospace products including AS 9100D, ISO 9001, UL, RoHS, IATF 16949, and more.

  • Our strategic global footprint — We've built SP Manufacturing with strategic locations in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, USA, Germany and Poland, to support the future of the global supply chain, recognising that geopolitical neutrality and a "friend-shoring" approach are critical for participation in the future of the aerospace industry.

Building the future with customers

We partner closely with customers to support the future of the aerospace supply chain.

We appreciate the complex frontiers of innovation, globalisation and market uncertainty faced by the industry today, and we're working closely with customers to deliver future-ready manufacturing services:

  • Complex box builds and cable harnesses — We've handled ever-growing electronics complexity with aplomb, delivering complex cable harnesses and box builds, in addition to our complex PCBA solutions. 

  • Onshore and friend-shored supply — Our strategic manufacturing locations in Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia), Europe and China allow us to optimise production to suit the risk strategy, volume and mix requirements of aerospace customers.

  • Working with the capex cycle — We understand the cyclicality of aerospace products.  Our platform is uniquely built to factor in cyclicality:  we support high-mix/low-volume product manufacturing across our entire network of onshore-to-offshore locations, including Southeast Asia, China, and Europe.

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Talk to us about your needs

How can we help deliver the future of your aerospace solutions?

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