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We invite you to explore the capabilities we've proven for over 20 years for leading healthcare, medical, aerospace, automotive, industrial and semiconductor customers around the world.

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Design and prototyping

USA | Germany | Singapore | Indonesia | Malaysia

We use the industry's top PCB and electrical design software to help customers finalise designs, prototype products, and highlight manufacturing and test coverage issues proactively.

Our customers rely on our services to support:

  • New product introduction (NPI)

  • Early supplier involvement (ESI)

  • Design engineering

  • Design for manufacturability, quality, reliability (DFx)

  • Sustaining engineering including lifetime cost-downs, component requals, and EOLs.

Wire harnesses

Indonesia | Malaysia | China | Germany | Poland

We have industry-leading capabilities in wire harness design and assembly, with over 20 years of experience across a broad range of mission-critical products.  

Today, we can manufacture wire harnesses around the world to optimise cost, performance, availability and supply chain proximity for customers.

Our capabilities include:

  • In-house tooling and automation for wire harnessing.

  • Wires from AWG#32 to AWG#6. Compliant to standard IPC/WHMA-A-620-Class 3.

  • 100% continuity test, and end-to-end traceability through our proprietary mTrac system

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Box build 2.jpg
Box build 2.jpg

Box build

Indonesia | Malaysia | China | Germany | Poland

We provide full product box build and module assembly services for our customers.

We help customers to reduce cost, shorten time-to-market, and maintain availability by offering integrated support across the product lifecycle for box build including:

  • Partnering during design & development, including full product development if needed.

  • Design, fabrication, assembly, testing and commissioning of products.

  • Lifecycle manufacturing and engineering improvements including localisation, cost reductions, prototyping and upgrades.

We specialise in mission-critical products that require very high traceability and manufacturing attention, and the SP Manufacturing platform is built specifically to create successful box build outcomes for these high-stakes products.

PCB Assembly (PCBA)

Indonesia | Malaysia | China | Germany

We provide high-mix / low-to-mid-volume PCBA specialised for mission-critical applications.

Our PCBA equipment and platform is specialised for mission-critical products that require high traceability, comprehensive testing, high mechanical or electrical durability, and/or significant complexity.

  • Robotic soldering

  • Auto conformal coating process

  • Customising potting process

  • Large-scale PCBA


Our PCBA manufacturing is well-configured to manage geopolitical risk and resilience, with capabilities in Southeast Asia, China and Europe.

SP Manufacturing has delivered industrial PCBA to global customers for over 20 years, across a broad variety of mission-critical industry applications.



We're certified to produce for all our focus industries, aerospace, automotive, healthcare & medical, industrials, and semiconductor.

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Quality management

Medical devices


QA_Quality Management System.png

Quality management

Medical devices

QA_Automotive Certification.jpg

Management systems


AS9100 certification on trans.png

Management systems



High-risk / hazardous operating environments


Sensitive instruments and electronics

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Underwriters Laboratories listed

SA logo on trans.png

Canadian standards


We support our customers onshore in the USA and Europe when it matters, with design, engineering, prototyping and early volume manufacturing.  Our mass production facilities are both onshore and offshore, in Southeast Asia, China, or Europe, and can be optimised for market access and resilience alongside our customer needs.

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How can our capabilities help you deliver your mission-critical products?

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