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We manufacture
mission-critical products

SP Manufacturing works with global technology leaders to build products that must not fail. 

We bring decades of experience into creating successful outcomes for electronics that the world depends on.

We are SP Manufacturing

We manufacture mission-critical electronics for global technology leaders.

We work with life-critical, business-critical, and market-critical products that must not fail.

We've grown twice as fast as our industry, by focusing on fewer customers and providing a different level of service.  We're proud to work with the medical, industrial, automotive and aerospace leaders who are changing how the world lives, works and sustains its future.

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We specialise in industries where performance and reliability must be assured across every stage of product life: from design through end-of-life.

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Partners for

We're proud to partner with customers who are delivering the sustainable future. We're working with technology leaders to build more sustainable designs, supply chains, and products.

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Re-imagining the

We're more than manufacturing: 

We're global partners to our customers for design, engineering, and supply chain management, both onshore in the USA and Europe, and offshore.

Built for the future supply chain
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We support our customers onshore in the USA and Europe when it matters, with design, engineering, prototyping and early volume manufacturing. Our mass production facilities are both onshore and offshore, in Southeast Asia, China, or Europe, and can be optimised for market access and resilience alongside our customer needs.

Delivering mission-critical products
Right capabilities | Right locations | Across the lifecycle

We've built our global platform with the right capabilities in the right locations, capable of supporting the entire product lifecycle for the future technology supply chain.  

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Talk to SP Manufacturing

Can we help build the future of your mission-critical products? 

We look forward to getting to know you and exploring how we can help.

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